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We believe in doing things bit differently. Listing your business, shop, hotel, guest house or service is free. We do not charge to add or host your listings on our site. We however have a “Donate” section where you may (if you feel to do so) give us a donation. Donations are used for our advertising, marketing, staff payments, keeping things fresh and to keep our site live. We also generate income through Google and affiliate advertising on our site. You do not have to donate, but the gesture will be appreciated.

All countries welcome. If you do not see your country in our list, then don’t despair. We will load your country when you submit your listing form.

Our international directory provides fast and easy access to a variety of service providers, professional businesses, and entertainers. We also add categories as they are needed.

The Web Directory is managed and owned by The Web Directory (Pty) Ltd. Registration number 2019/310402/07 with our Head Office based in South Africa

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