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Redshadow Electrical Services

Electrical Services in Gauteng – We fix all common Electrical Faults in South Africa

Repair of electrical surges

An electrical surge is one of the most common electrical problems in homes and offices.  Natural causes such as lightning strikes can induce an electrical surge.  Also, if appliances connected to the system are faulty or there is damage to power lines, this can result in electrical surge.

It is important to have the house wiring correctly installed as well, as bad wiring may also result in electrical surge damage

Electrical surge protection devices can reduce electrical surge damage. If you cannot perform an electrical surge test at home, you may consider calling local electrician

Electrical Services - Fixing Light Switches Not to work normally?

Electrical faults relating to the proper adjustment of dimmer switches are also common. You may find a complete section of a house with light switches not working at all. This is especially true for new home occupants

In this case, professional help should be sort since this could mean that some electrical wiring could have been by-passed

Fixing Frequent Circuit Breaker Electrical Tripping Problems

By design, a circuit breaker is an electrical protection unit against potential electrical harm by tripping whenever there is too much flow or faulty appliance. Therefore, electrical trip in itself is a sign of a working system. Common appliances in the house that may cause electrical trip includes microwaves, iron and hairdryers just to name a few.

A continuous electrical tripping is however annoying and unwelcome. For a DIY at home, try to identify the appliance in use when electricity trips and do an investigation. It may be that there is a loose connection or water is getting in the way of wiring

Circuit overload can similarly result in electrical tripping. In most cases, it appears as if electricity is tripping for no reason. However, there is always an underlying cause for tripping of electricity. An electrician will perform electrical fault findings to determine causes of frequent circuit breaker. Usually, distribution board panel can be the first point of interest for a qualified electrician

Repair Of Lights Too Bright Or Dim

Repair electrical faults arising from variations different types of lights with different wattage requirements

Fixing lights problems caused by bad wiring. Wiring at main neutral connection should be professionally done

Fixing Electrical Shocks – fault finding and fixing electrical shocks at source point

Helping with High Electrical Bill -Reducing the cost of your electrical bill by identification of electrical devices that may be causing power surges

We further investigate possibilities of leaks in the hot water system and correct as needed

Repairing damaged wiring or circuits

Fixing Light Bulbs Burning Out Too Often

Fault finding and fixing issues relating to short life span of bulbs

Electrical Installations

Home wiring

Flood lights installations and repairs

Generator change over switch installations and repairs

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