How to create a Mood Board

How to create a Mood Board for your EventTips and advice from Liezel Short, Owner & Creative Director | LS Event Consulting

You might have seen mood boards on the Internet, especially on sites such as Pinterest and you might wonder what they are, what they are used for and how do you create one

What is a Mood Board?

Mood Boards or Inspiration Boards exist as a designer’s visual ‘sandbox’, a place where they can openly experiment with the different facets of a design. Mood boards allow creatives the ability to show clients a proposed look without investing too much in a failed direction.

We are bombarded every day with visual ideas and trends, and it is difficult to decide where to start in creating an overall look & feel. Mood boards are fluid and help to establish a visual baseline for creating a theme or concept for your event or wedding.


Tips and Advice in Creating a Mood board

  • Know why you are creating a mood board. It is to create a visual tool that aids you in determining the overall look & feel of your event. It is also to ensure that all your suppliers who are executing your event are on the same visual page.
  • A mood board can include just about anything — photography, designs or illustrations, colour palettes, textures, descriptive words. It can be digital or real life – a board that has printed pics, some fabric samples, paint samples etc
  • You need to start with something that gives you inspiration. The White Noise mood board below was created after watching Master Chef Australia- one of the contestants created a dessert dish called white noise and I thought “how would it look visually as a mood board?” I am inspired by colours, design trends, a flower, a piece of furniture and even a TV Series! Dinner with the Queen (below White Noise) was inspired by the Netflix series, The Crown. Green and gold is just so luxurious!
  • Do not get too attached to your idea in the beginning. I have changed mood boards many times over before submitting the final product to client.
  • Trust your eyes – your eyes are a powerful tool and will always tell you if you look at something and it is just not right. A picture that seems to fit but does not really.
  • Do not neglect typography and fonts. They are a great way to add to a visual design and to finish off a look.
  • Play with textures. They add depth.
  • Do not leave unnecessary blank spaces in your mood board – it tends to look unfinished.
  • Experiment and have fun.  A mood board tends to get a life of its own and might take you in a few directions to consider.
  • Make sure you review and edit before submitting.

Mood Board vs Actual Event

Below are some samples of a mood board created and the final visual outcome of the event. It is especially important that the final look & feel of your event must talk to the mood board. You cannot create a mood board, get it signed off and execute a look & feel that is different. You therefor need to make sure that you indicate on the mood board what are inspiration, what can be bought, hired, or manufactured in South Africa.

Event One

La Dolce Vita Styled Shoot – I personally love the blue & yellow scheme together and after completing the mood board it led to planning and designing a styled shoot that can give life to this theme.


Event Two

Heritage Day Activation at Grand West 2020

Client wanted to showcase the rainbow nation of South African during an activation for VIP guests at Grand West. We settled on the Ndebele design, as it is bright, bold, and colourful, just like our nation!


Event Three

Grand West’s New Year’s Eve Party for 700 pax.

Client’s brief was to present a fun and different party to previous’ years, which was sit down. The overall theme was a Thailand Beach Party, which I took and “glammed” up to fit the profile of their VIP guests.  The base was white with various pops of colours, neon lights and of course the Man in the Moon DJ Booth.

Capture 1
Capture 2

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