Sell your products online

Sell your products online in our store

We are looking for product manufacturers, distributors, businesses, creators, artists and individuals who want to sell their physical or downloadable products in our online store.

Do you have a business and want to reach out to customers and sell your products online? We have the answer for you! Make use of our online store to sell your products.

We don’t keep your stock on hand. We buy from you per order.

How does this work and how you benefit from this?

  • You don’t have to setup a website and carry hosting costs etc.
  • We host the space for downloadable products
  • You don’t have to spend tedious hours wasted on trying to setup storefronts, shipping, terms, etc. You send us all your product info and we do the hard work for you
  • Your products will be included in a bigger store that will attract more attention and wider client base.
  • Our website offers more then just a store, which in turn attracts more users to see your products
  • We will advertise your products on our social media channels from time to time to attract more attention at no cost to you
  • We do not order and resell like a normal store. You keep your stock on hand and we order from you per order.
  • You or your business may be based anywhere in South Africa with reach of our courier services
  • We pay you per order
  • You may request to remove your products from our store at any time, no questions asked and no penalties to you, provided that current orders are fulfilled to customers
  • You may provide us with as many products as you like

The fine print

  • You must provide your products to us at competitive and discounted rates
  • Please advise us in advance of issues with production or should you run out of stock, so that we can update our database to display “out of stock” on our website. Let us know as soon as you are able to fulfil orders
  • We may decline listing a product/s should we think that the product will not offer value to our website, to the service that we offer, or market that we appeal too
  • Refunds or returns will be for your account, should any product be sent defective or if falsely advertised. This will include the cost of courier services
  • You must be the owner or the manufacturer or the product, or have full permission to sell the product to us for resale
  • We must be informed timeously of any price chances to products. We will not he held accountable for price changes if we were not notified in writing
  • We cannot be held accountable for any site down time or malicious acts that disrupts our online business
  • We cannot be held accountable for any disruption due to strikes etc
  • We may remove one or more of your products, without notice, should we have issues in supply chain or receive customer complaints about quality etc
  • All your products will be removed and account cancelled permanently should you provide us with any false information about your products. This includes display images
  • We may adapt and add to our terms at any time without written notification
  • Downloadable products must not require additional or any product licensing
  • You may not contact the customer for marketing purposes or make direct contact without our consent
  • We set a markup of between 10 to 50% on your products. The percentage will be calculated based on item cost price, brand, product type etc. We will discuss this with you per item to ensure that are satisfied on the rate that we are selling your product at.

How to apply

  • Please see application link at bottom of this page
  • We will notify you of approval, or if been declined within 5 to 7 days of receiving your application
  • After approval, please complete the product page (at bottom of this page) and send us images related to your product. One form will be required per item
  • You will be notified per approved or declined item
  • Your item will be listed in our store within a few days, if approved

Our sales process

  • A customer orders one or more of your products
  • The customer makes payment to us through our safe card or EFT portals
  • We order the product from you and make payment to you – Please take note that we need an invoice from you for each order that we place. The invoice MUST reflect the same business details given on your application
  • You confirm receipt of our order and payment
  • We arrange with a courier to collect the product from you and deliver to the customer. The customer might request Postnet to Postnet, in which case we will ask you to drop the package at your closest Postnet. In this case we will also transfer the Postnet fee to your account
  • As easy as that

Vendor application form

Product listing application form