Air Conditioning Services at Gauteng Aircon.

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Air Conditioning Services at Gauteng Aircon.

Air Conditioning Services at Gauteng Aircon.

We are one of the leading air conditioning companies in Gauteng. We offer installation and repair service of the various air conditioning parts which represents common air conditioning system problems such as the ones below

Replacement/repair of air conditioning compressor

Air conditioning condenser unit repairs and replacement

Air conditioning fan and air conditioning gauges

Repair & service of air conditioning vacuum pump

Repair of air conditioning circuit board

Further, our servicing of air conditioner units covers air conditioning cleaning and sanitization to prevent your air conditioners from spreading any virus

Air Conditioning Service – Brands and Models

Our services ensure air conditioning servicing costs are at minimum, we are quite affordable

Here is a list of some of the brands we deal with

Samsung air conditioning

LG air conditioning

Infinity air conditioning

Aux air conditioning

Alliance air conditioning

Midea air conditioning

Gree air conditioning

Jet-Air air conditioning

All-Air air conditioning

Dunham Bush aircon

York air conditioning

Tempest aircon

Career air conditioning

Air con servicing in Gauteng

We service and sanitize air conditioners on both contracts and on ad-hoc basis

Our full air conditioner servicing includes the following

Air conditioning services in Gauteng includes services such as

Removal, cleaning and ac servicing of air filter

Thorough brushing and flushing of fan blower

Cleaning algae and disinfecting the water tray

Inspection of air conditioning unit fan and cover

Chemically disinfecting and unclogging of air filters

Thorough interior filters vacuuming

Chemical wash of fan and cooling coil to remove build up

Flushing of internal cavity to remove odour causing elements

Full inspection including discharge temperature and pressure

Fixing aircon leaking water

Repair common air conditioner problem of aircon blowing hot air / not cold

Fix air conditioner unit shutting down with blinking lights

Repair temperature control not working

Replacement of malfunctioning parts and installation

Full HVAC Contractor

We are a full HVAC contractor with complete Air Conditioning & Refrigeration services such as:

Heat Pumps


Cold Rooms


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