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Randburg Plumbing Services | Full Plumbing Across Gauteng

We provide complete plumbing services for the home and commercial clients

Here is what we can do for you

 Plumbing Services For Unblocking drains

As some people may try to use unblocking drains diy tactics, such as unblocking drain with vinegar or unblocking drains using bicarbonate of soda. This may not work in most times, you need a professional drain cleaning company to fix the mess once and for all

Some unblocking drains chemicals that homeowners try to use are actually harmful to the drain pipes. There is need to use proper products for unblocking drains even if you require to unblock drains at home by yourself. We make it easy, as our unblocking drains cost is very affordable. We make use of quality unblocking drains tools and also unblocking drains with rods where necessary

Plumbing Services For Solar and Electric Geysers

Electric geyser water leakage

Geyser (electric) water temperature not rising

Electric geyser not working

Geyser (electric) power consumption too high

Electric geyser making noise, we fix

All electric geyser faults

Electric geyser thermostat replacement

Geyser not heating water

Repair faulty electric geyser components

Perform new electric geyser installation

Electric geyser thermostat setting

New solar geyser installations and new electric geyser installations

Replacement of burst electric geysers

Replacement of burst solar geysers

Geyser Repair Services

Repair of electric geyser water leakage issues

Fix electric geyser not working

Fix electric geyser power consumption too high

Repair electric geyser making noise, we fix

Repair all electric geyser faults

Electric geyser thermostat replacement

Repair faulty electric geyser components

Emergency Plumbing Services

Complete emergency plumbing services

Call us for all your emergency plumbing repair needs from leakages to burst pipes and geysers

We are always ready with our emergency plumbing parts in stock

Engage us for affordable emergency plumbing cost

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodelling | New Installation Plumbing Services


We offer top remodeling and installation services for kitchens and bathrooms

All material supplied by us will be of the highest quality available on the local market.

The work is done quickly, efficiently and very neat

Complete bathroom installations

Shower installations and remodelling

Complete bathroom remodeling

Shower cubicles

Tub installation and replacements

Toilet installations and replacements

Complete Kitchen remodeling

Tap and faucets replacement and installations

Complete kitchen installations

Washing machines drainage and water supply installations

Water Pump Installations

We install clean water pumps such as borehole water pumps

Dirty water pump installation like sewer pump installations

We install drainage submersible pumps, borehole submersible pumps as well as ground based pumps such as swimming pool water pumps

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