DJ Eugene Savage

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DJ Eugene Savage

Eugene Savage has been ripping up decks from 1998!

To name a few events and venues where Eugene played: Vertigo, Stones, Hi-Flyerz, Presleys, Gig Tyd, Ramp Divas, The Zone, G’s Spot, Cool Runnings, Voodoo Lounge, Tempos, Party House, The Mansion, Vacca Matta, Cobblestones, Flight Center, 2007 Rugby World Cup, 702 Walk the talk 2013, Color Run, Vodacom, Club Tennessee, Champions, ED’S Diner, Champions, Daqs, Oxford, Chillies, Dropzone, Herr Gunthers, iBar, Ty’s, Cheecky Monkey, Ridgeback, Billy The Bums, FTV, Roxys, Su Da Da, Hard Rock Cafe, News Cafe, Sugar, Beer House, Sportmans, Cascades, Liquid Lounge, Hott Stuff, Corner Pocket, Cheerleaders, Fly Boys, Harvard Cafe, Churchills, iBar, Crew Bar,Color Runs, Emperors Palace, Monte Casino,Hangar G5…..

and 1000’s of indoor as well as outdoor weddings, Birthday parties (For all ages), Corporate and private functions.

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